Waitsfield Elementary Board of School Directors

December 15,  2014  Meeting Agenda

7:00 p.m. Waitsfield School Library





7:01 Audience  and Written Communication

7:05 Proposed 2015-2016 Budget

         2015-2016 PROPOSED BUDGET DRAFT #2

        Items for particular discussion include:

     -       reduction of K-6 classroom teaching position

     -       preschool programming

     -       addition of contingency line item

     -       equalized pupil (revenue) information

           2015-2016 Budget Presentation Draft #2

           Waitsfield Future Class Configuration

           Preschool Options Summary

 7:45 Waitsfield Town Solar Project M.O.U.

              Draft MOU

 7:50 Draft letter to the community regarding budget

 8:00 Policy: review portion of policy packet #5 for feedback to executive committee Draft Policies : G-5:  SELECTION OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS, G-7:  Educational Support System, G-8:  LOCAL ACTION PLAN, G-9-R:  Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration of Students [1]

            POLICY PACKET 5


Food Service Report (anticipated agenda addition)

      December FES/WES Food Service Report

8:15 Educational Legislation and Political Activity update 

8:20 New Board Member Recruitment



8:25  Approval of November 17, 2014 meeting minutes

            WES School Board draft minutes 11.17.14

8:30 Approve 2015-2016 Tuition


8:35 Adopt Internal financial controls (per Title 16, section 242a)   

            Internal Controls Definition and Assignments



8:40 Principal’s report

8:50 Washington West Representative report

9:00 Superintendent’s report



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