Our school breakfast and lunch program is shared with the Fayston School. The program provideS delicious, healthy meals that often use local ingredients. Students have a variety of choices, such as a salad bar full of a variety fresh, raw vegetables served with every meal. Additionally the program features all local, organic beef along with other local products as available. Both Fayston and Waitsfield  have school gardens through which students grow produce featured in the lunch and breakfast program. Vegeterian options are available daily.  

Providing students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices is our mission.

We encourage students' and community members' involvement to help create and foster this environment.Our culinary staff look forward to continuing to provide healthy, nutritious food in an educational environment. 


School Meals: Allowing and encouraging your children to eat school breakfast and school lunch not only helps assure their health and academic abilities, but also supports the Food & Nutrition Department and enhances our entire community. 


School Breakfast: We offer Grab & Go Breakfast in all of our schools. Students can choose from a variety of items daily to make their own breakfast. Milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grain items and proteins are offered. Breakfast can be picked up on the way to the classroom in the morning. 


School Lunch: We cook fresh whole foods for our students everyday. Students can choose from a variety of items including milk, fruits, vegetables, whole grain items and proteins. 


Menu: Please find our monthly menu in this link


Farm to School: We are committed to continue to offer highly nutritious meals cooked from scratch. Our nationally recognized Farm to School Program will also continue to thrive, offering as much local products and education as possible.


Meal Modifications: To request a meal modification due to for example an allergy, parents must follow the procedure in this page. We can't make a meal modification without the right documentation on file. Please find more information in this link


Price and Payment: Per the state of Vermont, meals are free for all children. It is important, however, that those eligible complete the Free/Reduced meals application, as this allows our state to collect federal funds where eligible. Additionally, our free/reduced meals overall percentages impact our eligibility for a number of state and federal grants and program. Additionally, the application can provide additional benefits to your household. .

Please find more information and application in this link, or request an application from the school.


Online Payment Option

You can make payments to your child’s school lunch program balance online, paying with a credit card or direct withdrawal from your checking account. To do so, create an account using the “e-Funds for Schools” system. Directions can be found below.The “Student Number” referenced in these directions is your child’s lunch ID. (This number has been sent home to parents and can also be requested from the school administrative assistant or food service director)    




parent efunds